All That Remains | acrylic on canvas | 16x20"
Pop UR Cherry Bubble | acrylic, plastic toy army men, adhesive on canvas | 40x40"
Only Sailors Get Blown Offshore | acrylic on canvas | 20x24"
Teenage Making Out | acrylic on canvas | 39x39"
Cecil the Lion: Savior to the Endangered Species | acrylic on found lenticular | 9.5x13.5"
Lucha Libra: Confidence Builder | acrylic over found painting on board | 16x20"
Tragic Monet | acrylic over found painting | 16x20"
Buy $hit Bull Shit | acrylic over found lenticular | 9.5x12.5"
Cute, Ripe, Rotten | acrylic over found Lenticular | 9.5x12.5"
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