My work comments on consumerism and idealism, while exploring themes of abandonment, loss and de-valuation. At the heart of my practice is the idea that from the shards and discarded pieces, things can lovingly be put back together to create a connected whole. I do this by creating digital collages of "utopian scenes" from found images of mostly idealized places and relationships. I bring them into the analog world by printing them, cutting them apart, and re-assembling or painting them. My work is process-driven and I am most interested in the making of the piece, finding freedom and a challenge in using all the tools available to me: paint & brushes, computer, camera, sewing machine, inkjet printer. Within this frame of thinking, I have also been contemplating art as a scientific process – one of experimentation – and the studio as the laboratory.

good vibrations

This series entitled Good Vibrations, explores themes of ecology, technology & relationships in the context of a modern world. Painted to be viewed with and without low tech cyan/magenta 3D glasses, I invite the viewer to see common objects through different, uncommon eyes. Similar to the way the colors interact with each other in these paintings and shift to become almost liquid, disappear or vibrate, the collective we, have opportunities to shift our minds - negative to positive (or vice versa). My goal is to create a positive antidote and temporary escape mechanism for the viewer - a brief moment of wonder and joy - that hopefully will be retained and shared.

Fractured idealized fantasy worlds

This body of work,  Fractured Idealized Fantasy Worlds, explores modern relationships in the age of online dating and apps, manufactured lifestyles per social media and idealized attractiveness delivered via advertising. The process involves culling images from various sources including the internet, books and personal art to create a digital collage. The digital collage represents a “perfect world” and is then brought into the analog world by printing and cutting it apart. At the heart of this work, is the idea that despite all of the damage and disposability that can come from our human encounters, there is beauty to be found, when the pieces are lovingly put back together.


Each piece in this series started from art “found” on the streets of NYC during the summer of 2015, which I then painted over, adding my personal reactions to modern first world experiences–from product consumption, to online dating, to news and current events. Cheap, easy access to information, people, places and things create endless possibilities and overstimulation. The barrage of titillating temptations is very real and often difficult to resist. And because there is very little true investment in time, money, or emotions, these experiences can become de-valued and can be thoughtlessly tossed aside when flimsy, fickle whims change.